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Enneagram Institute Mailing List

Category:  Database Development

Enneagram Institute Mailing List

For this project, J.T.S. Design, Inc. redeveloped the Enneagram Institute's mailing list functionality. This update, which was written in ASP, included the creation of a new, more robust administration as well as updates to the opt-in/opt-out process used by users on the Web site.

The administration includes both a basic and an advanced search with multiple search criteria. The search results are set up to allow the Enneagram Institute to view the details of each record as well export the data to CSV format using one of two methods: export the full result set or export records only selected by the user. The exporting process allows the administrator to specify which fields should be exported. The advanced search also includes the ability to sort results by column heading.

Lastly, this project included importing all of the old mailing list data in to a new table within an SQL database. While importing the data, the values of specific fields were updated to more manageable, user-friendly data types.

URL: http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

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