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Enneagram Institute RHETI Results Administration

Category:  Database Development

Enneagram Institute RHETI Results Administration

For this project, J.T.S. Design, Inc. was asked to create an administration that would allow the Enneagram Institute to easily look up results of their RHETI test.

This project included the creation of tables within their SQL database to accommodate the test results and the importation of all previous results. Lastly, the ASP code that processes the results for the test needed to be updated to allow future results to be stored in the database.

The administration allows the Enneagram Institute to search by several different criteria and includes a feature for e-mailing the results to the test taker. The test results are displayed in both a numerical and bar graph format.

In the near future, this administration will be tied together with their "Person Search" administration.

URL: http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

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