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Hudson Valley Appraisal Corporation

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Hudson Valley Appraisal Corporation

For the Hudson Valley Appraisal Corporation website, J.T.S. Design, Inc. was asked to develop a simple, search engine friendly site. The website was laid out and formatted using CSS. It also uses an include file for the navigation with PHP code to highlight menu items based on the current page. The website is both CSS and XHTML compliant.

Recent additions to the website include commercial and residential order forms. Both forms allow the user to upload files that, upon submission of the form, are e-mailed as attachments to Hudson Valley Appraisal Corporation. Both forms also include a CAPTCHA to help prevent spam bots (automated software) from using the forms to generate and send spam e-mails to the client. A CAPTCHA was also added to their contact form.

Currently, the website is a static site but future plans may include adding database-driven functionality.

URL: http://www.hvappraisal.com/

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