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Virtual Accountant Offsite Bookkeeping Application

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Virtual Accountant Offsite Bookkeeping Application

J.T.S. Design, Inc. was asked to create an application that would allow the staff at the Virtual Accountant to add, edit and client invoices. Along with the ability to manage invoice data, this application allows the administrators to upload scanned versions of the hard copy invoices, send e-mail notifications to clients and to maintain administrative users.

The offsite bookkeeping application also includes a client section that allows clients to log in and view current invoices. It also gives the client the ability to approve invoices, add notes to invoices and modify their contact information.

Lastly, those clients who have been granted the proper access level by the administrators are able to add, edit and invoices. The ability to upload the scanned in versions of the invoices is also available to these clients.

The offsite bookkeeping application was developed using PHP and uses a MySQL database for database-driven content.

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